Coyle Roads and Their Stories

Fish Harbor Road (Coyle Rd) # 109: JC Public Works January 25, 1908 Petition “Have by private subscription built and will maintain a wharf on the south shore of Dabob Peninsula on the west side of the entry to Fish Harbor in Section 4 Township 25 in Morton Precinct. Asking assistance to get a county road extended from the Wharf A to head of Fish harbor. The Road would be ¾ mile long” – W.W. Whitford

February 1 1908 Letter From W.W. Whitford to Co. Commissioners Letter is in support of acquiring a road “and as times are very dull we could get lots of help if it was done soon at low wages – please give this your earnest consideration. P.S. You can see by the petition that we would like a road as soon as possible as we expect a Post Office in a short time.”

March 3 1908 Letter from Mr. Godfrey, Co. Engineer to Board of County Commissioners Proposes that the road to connect with a landing at the mouth of fish Harbor, located from the wharf now constructed and the mouth of said harbor be built.

There is a 5 percent grade in a side cut along the west shore of said harbor for a distance of about 2000 feet to connect to the settlement at the head of the harbor, thence through open lands and by easy grades for about one half mile to connect with the Hazel Point Road. Total road length one mile “This community is sadly in need of the road. The people are alive and progressive.” The letter then recommends signing the documentation for the road and establishes such.

April 24 1908 Field notes submitted. Petition by W. W. Whitford and others from portions of Lots 4, 5, 6 (according to Godfrey map). Total of 3.17 acres more or less. Waivers from: Alice Cogger, Ellis and Laura Nickerson and Mrs. S. Scott (whose X was witnessed)

January 27, 1911 (second letter in two years from same group) Letter from other residents to Co. Commissioners Letter is in support of petition (some of who are named below) A. L. Brooks, H.W. Dietrick, E.C. Nickerson, J.B. Wood, W.W. Whitford, E. Eaton, John Johnson, Lyman Gilson, F. E. Donnelly, M. Sholund, G. Scott, Robert Fraser, Thomas Hayes and Ed Ormelia.

March 14 1913: Fish Harbor Field notes: Road commences at middle of wharf now in operation near mouth of Fish Harbor. Aug 22 1921 Letter From County Engineer (unnamed) to Carl Wood at Coyle: “From the survey results we ran last Friday it appears that the hill route is too extensive to undertake for the small amount of money available. You are therefore authorized to expend the $500 appropriated by the County Commissioners to construct a twelve-foot road on the Godfrey survey following the trail along the beach.”

Hazel Point Road – Lee Morgan states that the community constructed the road between the current firehall and Hazel Point by dynamiting stumps along the way.

Dabob-Coyle Road – Listed in JC Public Works files as Permanent Hwy 4 C and 4 D – Puget Mill December 9, 1920 Plans submitted 4D February 14, 1921: Specs were submitted for 4C.

There had been an older alternate route from Dabob to Fish Harbor that ran along the inside of Quilcene Bay near waters edge. March 20, 1921 4D Road to Puget Mill March 31 1921 September 11 1921 Contract approved for James H. Coyne to provide work on the road 4C.

October 6 1921, certification of road completion 4C October 8, 1921 certification of road completion 4D. 1922: According to Lee Morgan, the first car traveling the new gravel road traversed it in early 1922.

The following roads are shown on the 1925 Metzker map (no earlier map has been found to date): Coyle (Dabob) Road, Hazel Point Rd, rd from old wharf to head of Fisherman’s Harbor.