Toandos Families


Bailey Family “…the big white Bailey farmhouse was a welcome sight…”

Bergeson Family “The road was a real bad dirt road, hilly and curvy, took a long time…”

Bingham FamilyVery few people were living in the area. A few fisherman were still there, lots of open land, and lots of places to camp.

Blinn Family “Blinn was a lumber merchant who planned ahead…”

Coyle Family “There was a wharf that was falling apart just inside the north side of the spit that the community rebuilt…”

Date Family “Vacations at Coyle were filled with fishing, clamming, oyster gathering, and campfires in the lovely wilderness area…”

Eaton Family “The family picked wild blackberries and Huckleberries to sell in Quilcene…”

Gilson Family “Owns land now at the old Cogger property at the site of the old wharf, mouth of Fish Harbor…”

Goodhue Family “Said to have built a cabin that stood for many years on the spit across the mouth of Fish Harbor…”

Morgan Family “A Model T Ford pickup was the first vehicle to Coyle on the old one lane gravel buggy trail…”

Norton Family “The Frank Norton Political Precinct bears his name…”

Pemmant Family “One of the French seamen named Pemmant jumped ship….met an Indian maid, fell in love with her and married her…”

Slack Family “…[with] a fifty-pound sack of potatoes on the hood of the jeep, [she] ended up bringing back the school kids, teacher, and mail…”

Thomas Family “The 17-foot Six Gill was the biggest shark anyone remembered being caught…”

Whitford Family “Postmaster, School Clerk and General Merchant…”

Wood Family “Both were buried on the Wood Homestead at Hazel Point, Coyle, WA…”

Yamashita Family “Dabob Bay is one of just 3 places on the West Coast that the oyster farmer knows he can reliably collect wild oyster seed…”