General History


History Helping Coyle Grow – Peninsula Daily News (Adobe PDF file)
“Coyle, the remote community that developed on the tip of the Toandos Peninsula, was once the location of a seasonal village…”

Article by Karen Alls – Peninsula Daily News
Outside the bonfire blazed, warming those gathered around it, and the heavy rains abated…”

Camp Discovery and Camp Harmony
“A big event would be for ten or more people from the area to pile in a small boat and head over to Quilcene…”

Historic Deed Records
“Marshall Blinn held the major portion of land on the Toandos Peninsula, receiving his first patent March 10 1871 in Section 33…”

Place Name Origins
“Toandos Peninsula is ten miles long and two Miles wide, named for an Indian tribe who could have been Twana…”

Coyle Roads and their Stories
“There had been an older alternate route from Dabob to Fish Harbor that ran along the inside of Quilcene Bay near waters edge…”

School District Records
“The house, considering its rudeness, which is a substantial log, but is without ceiling and is otherwise unfinished. It is a very creditable “pioneer” schoolhouse…”