History – Bailey Family

The Bailey farm played quite an important part in the early days with the Bailey children rowing 2 ½ miles to the Camp (Harmony) to deliver orders of fruit and bread. On coming to Camp from Seabeck on the Buckeye, the sight of the big white Bailey farmhouse was a welcome sight and we all knew that Camp Harmony was not far away.” “Their children attended the Coyle School, walking many miles through the woods in all kinds of weather. Coyle at the time was a good sized fishing village with a large school attendance, a store, a post office and a dock.” 1911 Polk Hannah Bailey, Dairy

William J. Bailey 1884 married Hannah Pemmant 1890 Deed Records S 28 T 26 R1W land patent may 5 1890 (still owned property in 1925 on waterfront)

School Records: 1891-1893 Clerk of School District # 13 (living at Seabeck) 1901 School Records: Living on Lot 4 Section 21 with the following children attending school (see When Harmony Was Young below): Grace C. age 13 Nettie age 11 Willie age 9 Joseph age 7 1903 and 1909 again named Clerk of School District Living Lot 4 Sec 21.

Following children at school: Grace 15 Nett H. 13 Will P 11 Joseph E. 9 Levine 5 1909 School Records: Following children attending school: William born July 9 1892 (no longer at school) Joseph born Aug 16, 1894 Levine born Oct. 29, 1897 Lola born July 6 1899 Gertrude born June 8 1901 Merl born July 10, 1903 1910 Census: William, wife Hannah and children as well as Hannah’s mother Jane are living at Coyle.