History – Coyle Family

George Coyle (Settlement was named for him in 1908) 1908 Signer of road petition. Letter indicates that the community hoped to have a road between the wharf (on Hoods Canal) and a mile further up Fisherman’s Harbor where they planned to have a post office soon.) In 1908 George Coyle was named the first postmaster. Lyman Gilson took over the post by the following year.

1917 Sept 6: George Coyle purchased a portion of land that had been patented by Joseph A. Newell in 1869.

From Irene Daly Phone Interview, 12 January 2006: Irene and Clifford Daly purchased property at Coyle in 1978. Clifford became acquainted with the area through hunting buddies of his. He especially enjoyed all aspects of outdoor life and was able to do more of it when they moved to Coyle. They hunted game, mushrooms, and picked berries.

The couple cleared off a spot to put a small travel trailer, then brought in a 35-foot trailer before moving up to a double wide later on. Irene recalls that there was never a dull moment even though neighbors were tucked in here and there. There might have been just under one hundred people living near Coyle when the Daly’s purchased their property.

There was a strong community where people watched out for each other and helping out when someone was in need. Voting day was always a gathering spot for the community to get together. At first the residents got together in each other’s houses then used a clubhouse at the then defunct South Trail Camp. They used it as their polling place as well as just a place for local gatherings before the Community Center was built.

Irene was part of a walking group that got together regularly to walk Zelatched Road. There was no longer a store or building. There was a wharf that was falling apart just inside the north side of the spit that the community rebuilt. Irene was never lonely when she lived at Coyle. She fondly calls it a ‘unique place’.