History – Date Family

Irene Checkhard Date, Phone Interview, 12 January 2006

Irene’s parents, Paul and Dorthea Check hard purchased waterfront property near Coyle in 1940. Their original plan was to log the property, not live there.

Paul purchased three small cabins from Bangor about this same time and barged them over to his Coyle property. Paul and Dorthea lived in one of the cabins while they were logging their property.

Once finished with the logging, the decided to keep the cabins and use the waterfront land as a vacation spot. Irene remembers vacations at Coyle filled with fishing, clamming, oyster gathering, and campfires in, what they all found to be, a lovely wilderness area.

The family lived in Kitsap County, Alaska, and Virginia but kept coming to spend at least a week during summer months at their property. When they lived in Virginia they drove all the way across the county just to spend a week at Coyle. Their family has been vacationing there ever since. According to Neil Morgan, his parents lived in one of the Checkhard cabins for a while.

Irene Date said that they did so in order to keep in eye on the logging equipment stored there. Mr. Morgan helped Paul Checkhard log the property as well.

Mrs. Morgan remembers having to wear her boots while hanging up clothes to dry on the line during high tide.