Jefferson County Deed Records

Jefferson County Title


S 27 T26 R1W Peter Olson land patent Sept 5 1889

John F. Wood land patent Oct 5, 1889

S 28 T 26 R1W William J. Bailey land patent May 5 1890 (still owned property in 1925 on waterfront William Jameson Apr 26 1882

S 33 T 26 R1W Section 33 is located northwest of the head of Fisherman’s Harbor. Joseph A. Newell Dec 30, 1869 (Newell was a lumber merchant living at Seabeck in 1860). George Coyle purchased a portion of this land Sept 6 1917

Marshall Blinn was a held major portion of land on the Toandos Peninsula receiving his first patent March 10 1871 in Section 33. He purchased 160 acres, which was recorded April 26, 1882. He helps property in several sections, much of it deeded over Washington Mill company (June 1885) and Puget Mill Company.

William Pemmant land patent Feb 7, 1889 NW section Harry Smith Feb 22, 1892

SW section Hampton Brown Sep 2, 1893

SW section of the NW section Township 25 Range 1W (surrounding Fisherman’s Harbor and including Hazel Point) Marshall Blinn Sec 3 Feb 12, 1862 NW section of NW

Marshall Blinn Sec 3 land patent March 11, 1871

Frank Norton land patent received Sept 15, 1881 and purchased another 40 acres April 26, 1882. Norton still had land in the area until 1904 although he began selling off portions of his property by 1890.

Joseph Goodhue Sec 4 – April 26, 1882 -147.25 acres

Charles Anderson Sec 4 April 26, 1882 -118 acres

Peter Peterson Section 5 all of the NE section – Oct 5 1891. Peterson mortgaged his property and it appears that he was unable to repay it. There was a Sheriff Sale on the property in 1893. It was sold to Charles A. Acherson, the man who had held the mortgage.

Lyman G. Gilson Sect 4 land patent Nov 20, 1891 James Hoff Sec 3 land patent Nov 14, 1891 (this was later the Fred Slack property purchased in part Aug 15 1946 and another portion purchased Sep 11 1956. The old farmhouse may have belonged to James Hoff or Robert Fraser who owned the property in 1911)

John Bristoe land patent Sec 2 may 24, 1907.