Place Names

Information corralled by Karen Alls


Coyle is a settlement on the east entrance to Fisherman Harbor On Hood Canal, on the south tip of Toandos Peninsula, in southeast Jefferson County. Until a post office was established in 1908, it was Called Fisherman’s Bay.

The present name was selected for the post Office to honor George Coyle, a pioneer resident who, according to Peter Simpson, disappeared in August, 1908, six months after his appointment.

Hazel Point is on the southeast tip of the Toandos Peninsula on Hood Canal in southeast Jefferson County. On May 11, 1792, Capt. George Vancouver gave the name because of many hazel trees. However, he placed the name on the southwest point of the peninsula, which now is called Tskutsko Point.

In 1841, Cmdr. Charles Wilkes Charted the southeast point as Squalus Point. In 1847, Capt. Henry Kellet restored Vancouver’s name, this time giving it to its current Location.

Tskutsko Point – The southwest point of Toandos Peninsula on Dabob Bay In southeast Jefferson County was named by Cmdr. Charles Wilkes as Tskulsko Point, evidently in an effort to record a local Indian name.

Toandos Peninsula – The Toandos Peninsula is ten miles long and two Miles wide north south between Dabob Bay and Hood Canal in east central Jefferson County. It was first mapped by the Wilkes Expedition. The Record indicates that it was named for an Indian tribe who was found there and could have been Twana.

A creditable but unverified Source is also found in the name of a Pope & Talbot ship that came to Port Gamble in the spring of 1859 was named Toandos.

Indian Names of Main sites in the area:

Coyle near fish harbor dexwwiEwa’p

Head of Dabob Bay to the East: ta’bExww