School District #13 Records

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Formed 31 March 1890 as Peninsula School District. By 1908 it was referred to as Coyle District.

Records for 1901: Gives names of students, parents and location of house. 18 students Log frame school house, 0 books, 1 Dictionary, Teacher Hattie Savage paid $45 per Month.

1909: 22 Students 155 text books, 1 large Webster Dictionary and 4 small ones. Teacher in 1909 is Mrs. Ella M. Baer paid $63 Per month.

1920 Census: Honoria Hughes- Coyle schoolteacher boarding with Ellis and Laura Nickerson.

1928 4 students enrolled – School Dist Directors: Harry Eaton and Mrs. Clark (Lola Mae) Eaton – Reference and other books in library: 80 – Number of textbooks 320 – Teacher Audrey Beulah Zellers at yearly salary of $1,125. Information includes inventory of furnishing and an example of daily program times for lessons.

School Dist Clerk A. S. Phillips of Seabeck, WA The Peninsula School District # 13 (Coyle) organized from parts of District 5 & 6. Information taken from School Records Vol. 2 -1885-1897 – B-95

A Public meeting had been held March 29 with those attending agreeing with the proposed District. The first directors and clerk were appointed by Superintendent Robert Ryan on June 20 1890: J.W. Porter, James B. Wood, and John E. Bergeson were named the first directors while Harry Smith was the first Clerk of the new school district.

The district contracted with Grant Edwards as teacher for a three-month period on December 1 1890. June 26 1891, Mrs. M. E. Smith is engaged to teach the fifteen registered pupils.

Superintendent Ryan visited the school for the first time. “The house, considering its rudeness, which is a substantial log, but is without ceiling and is otherwise unfinished. It contains good homemade desks, tables, etc. and has an unabridged Webster’s Dictionary, a few maps, and is a very creditable “pioneer” schoolhouse. This was my first visit to this school which was organized last year and I must express a general satisfaction with the conduct of the teacher and the school.”

June 1 1891 Directors and Clerk: (page 229) William Pemmant, E. F. Moore Directors – W.J. Bailey Clerk (Seabeck) October 8, 1891 W.T. Thompson is teaching for a three-month term.

May 4, 1892 Superintendent Visit to schoolhouse: (page 274) Prof. W.T. Thompson teaching Average number of pupils 11. Schoolroom is very dirty and untidy. Recitations from pupils are good.

1892-93 Directors and Clerk: J.B. Wood, William Pemmant, and E.F. Moore Directors – W.J. Bailey Clerk June 1894 (page 320) Charles Tucker is teaching 1895 – Grant Edward is now the Superintendent, taking the place of Robert Ryan.

1896 Directors, Lyman Gilson (Bangor) E.F. Moore 1897 (Clara Ryan School Records) Fannie Gilson teacher, 12 students. Fannie being paid $35 Per month.